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Jason L. Webb, DDS Thomas H. Funderburk, DDS

restorative dentistry using cerec same day crowns


One-Visit Crowns at Webb Dentistry

Now, you can fit your dental crown procedure into your schedule with Cerec™ Digital Dentistry.

Ringgold general and cosmetic dentists Dr. Jason Webb and Dr. Thomas Funderburk are certified Cerec™ 3D Dentistry providers. Using Cerec™ CAD-CAM technology, our dentists can design and place a dental crown in a single visit.

cerec computer design of a dental crown

The Cerec™ Difference

If you have ever had a dental crown procedure, you will remember the traditional crown process:

  1. After shaping the tooth, the dentist takes putty impressions and places a temporary crown.
  2. You come back to the office in 2-3 weeks to receive your final crown restoration.
cerec milling machine making a dental crown

With Cerec™, the digital process saves time!

  1. After shaping the tooth, your Webb Dentistry CEREC™ dentist scans the tooth using a special camera and uses software tools to design your crown.
  2. Your natural-looking dental crown is milled using CAD-CAM technology in our office, while you wait.
  3. The dentist places your crown restoration and you leave our office with your permanent crown.

The Cerec™ Advantage

Our patients are happy to skip the goopy impressions and not having to fuss with a temporary crown. Most of all, they are ecstatic about the time savings of eliminating the second appointment!

Some dental restorations do require impressions because of their design or the location of the tooth, however, most of our crowns can be completed using Cerec™ cosmetic and restorative dental technology.

Are you looking for a CEREC™ dentist near you?

We welcome New Patients and would be happy to answer your questions about Cerec™ crowns. We are located near I-75, convenient to local Ringgold shopping and businesses.

Contact Webb Dentistry today to learn more about Cerec™