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Jason L. Webb, DDS Thomas H. Funderburk, DDS

Dental Technology at Webb Dentistry

Dentistry today is more comfortable and convenient than ever! Dental technology is an essential part of our practice - the benefits in patient communication and increased efficiency of imaging and restorative technologies are enjoyed both by us and our patients. Technologies that we use in our Ringgold dental office include:

cerec three dimensional imaging and fabrication of dental restorations

Rebuilding Your Smile with Cerec Same-Day Dentistry

We are proud to offer Cerec™ one-visit dental crowns. This remarkable technology gives our dentists, Dr. Jason Webb and Dr. Thomas Funderburk the tools to provide our patients with natural-looking crown restorations in a single appointment.

With Cerec™, our dentists use digital cameras and 3D CAD/CAM technology to create virtual models of your teeth and design a custom dental crown. No more troublesome temporaries or messy impressions! Your crown restoration is milled right here in our office and you leave with your permanent crown in place.

Learn more about Cerec™

Digital Radiography

Our dentists and dental hygienists use digital dental x-rays to detect cavities between the teeth and to check bone levels during your dental examination. Digital x-rays require a much lower radiation exposure than the traditional film of the past, and the software tools help us study diagnostic x-rays in greater detail.

Our patients enjoy the educational value of viewing x-rays of their own teeth as we explain our dental exam findings.

The Wand® Electronic Dental Anesthesia

Perhaps our most popular dental technology is our electronic anesthesia system, The Wand® - we use this to deliver local dental anesthetic during restorative procedures for a more pleasant experience.

By steadily and consistently regulating the medication flow and pressure of the anesthetic injection, The Wand® helps eliminate the discomfort many people feel from traditional dental “shots”.

Soft Tissue Lasers

Our dentists use dental laser technology for soft tissue procedures, such as gum contouring around dental crowns or for treatment of periodontal (gum) disease. Dental lasers are designed to remove soft tissue in very small increments, helping to make procedures more comfortable for the patient.

Dental soft tissue lasers are also commonly used for soft tissue biopsies and minor gum surgeries. The dental laser fiber tip uses electric energy to remove tissue with minimal bleeding during the procedure, with reduced healing times.

VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening Technology

Oral Cancer Kills One Person Every Hour, 24 Hours a Day in North America.

At Webb Dentistry, we take oral cancer seriously. This deadly condition is on the rise in the U.S. Our dentists routinely screen our patients with VELscope® oral cancer screening technology at regular dental visits.

Often, oral cancer is barely noticeable to the patient; it usually appears as a small red or discolored bump on the cheek or tongue. Sometimes these abnormalities are not visible to the naked eye.

Changes in the soft tissue in the mouth that do not heal within 7-10 days may be a sign of oral cancer or other serious dental conditions.

VELscope® technology uses fluorescent light to aid the dentist in the visualization and detection of oral cancer and pre-cancer lesions on soft tissue. VELscope® fluorescent technology just takes 2 minutes and does not require the patient to use any special rinses or dye. Learn more about VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening Technology

Today's dental technologies make it easier than ever for patients to restore and protect their smile.

If you are looking for a technology-focused dentist near you, Contact Webb Dentistry of Ringgold and let us help you get that healthy, beautiful smile you deserve!